How Runners Can Prevent Knee Injuries?

An estimated 70% of runners experience some form of knee pain at some point in their lives. Even people who don’t engage in regular or professional running are also vulnerable to such complications. While it is not easy to fully avert cases of knee injuries, there are some widely approved precautionary measures that can prevent these leg joint health issues. Therefore, highlighted in this article are some helpful ideas for curbing knee injuries. Keep reading to discover the top 5 tips for avoiding knee pain and other related complications.  

1. Right Shoe Size

Whether you are a frequent runner or not, it is imperative to get shoes that correctly fit your feet. This doesn’t include cushioning alone. You have to search for shoes that accommodate your feet width and length. Sometimes you may ask your doctor to help you determine your ideal shoe size.  

2. Regular Leg Stretches

For professional runners and individuals who run constantly as an exercise routine, it is essential to repeatedly stretch their legs before embarking on any activity. Even though you may underestimate the benefits of this tip, stretching your leg muscles before running or before putting on a knee bandage helps blood flow to every part of your limbs. This is especially useful during cold weather times. 

3. Cross-Training

Most runners and fitness trainees tend to focus on a single aspect of exercise. Doing this will finally distort your natural body balance. You should not dwell on the hamstrings (back thigh) since they are physically stronger than the quadriceps (front thigh). Instead, engage in various core-training methods that strengthen all the leg parts. 

4. Long-Distance Rung

Like any other fitness routine, you should avoid the temptation to run long distances that you’re not used to. For instance, if you’ve been covering 10 miles every day, don’t immediately decide to run over 30 or 40 miles all at once. It is advisable to gradually increase the length of your run until you hit the desired targets. 

5. Knee Sleeve

A knee sleeve is not a mere decoration – it is meant to protect your knee joint from possible injury. However, you still have to find a knee protection that fits you correctly. Choosing one that’s too tight may trigger discomfort and pain, while a loose one isn’t effective. 

Exercises to Make Your Waist Smaller

Exercises to make your waist smaller are movements or set of movements that result in creating an illusion of a slimmer figure. In order to make your waist smaller, effort must be exerted when working out while using proven techniques that make the body slimmer. The workout for a slimmer waist you opt for does not have to be boring. You can use body shapers or waist trainer too which will help you in attaining a slimmer body. It would be best if you can mix and match the effective exercises listed below until you find out what combination works best for you.

1. Running

When starting out in running, remember to start slow and just build up speed over time. If you are just new to running or haven’t trained for a while, it is advisable to start with a 10-minute walk-jog, three times a week. Once your endurance builds up and you feel like you can run for 10 minutes without the need to catch your breath, start on adding more time.

2. Yoga

Besides being a well-known stress buster, yoga can definitely help in losing weight and making one’s waist smaller. There are specific yoga poses that can immensely assist in your goals of having a smaller waist plus bigger hips and firmer abdominal muscles and thighs. Yoga poses such as the crescent and willow are what you should be after if you are really determined to get a smaller waist.

3. Dancing

Dancing is one of the most fun ways to lose some inches off your waistline. Dance forms such as belly dancing particularly address to the waist and hips. However, in general, you can choose any dance that can make you sweat a lot as dancing in general is a good form of exercise.

4. Aerobics

As one of the exercises to make your waist smaller, aerobics are fun to do especially with a large group of people. Aerobics classes are usually conducted with dancing and non-stop moving to different tunes. This makes for so much fun because you can get the opportunity to meet a lot of people and share your ideas about getting a fitter body.

5. Swimming

Olympic swimmers do not only swim fast but they also sport the best-looking bodies in the competition. This is a proof that swimming is one of the most effective exercises to make your waist smaller. Swimming strengthens the lungs thus giving you the endurance that you never thought possible. Classes are available at local swimming clubs, especially during summer.

There are some motivational workouts/diets which you can check out if you want to start getting a slimmer waist. If you are looking for ways to change your body, running, waist training , aerobics, and swimming are some of the known great exercises to make your waist smaller.

Yoga To Get Fit And Stay Fit


We always find a way to relieve stress, body pains and all others due to our heavy work and hectic everyday life. One good practice that most women all around the world found is yoga. This meditation practice got its name from the words yoke or concentrate and often known as a union.

Waking up to a whole new day and whole new struggles is what we go through daily. Believe it or not, you can end that usual routine by just sparing 10 minutes of your time everyday. A yoga a day will surely keep your bad vibes away.

You can do a tree pose which enables you to strengthen the muscles of you ankles, spine and thigh and at the same time increases the flexibility of your shoulders and hips. To do this, let your left leg carry all your weight. Place your palms together on your chest. Focus on one thing and keep your eyes on it the entire 10 minutes. Take five slow and deep breaths.

The warrior pose allows you to improve the flexibility of your shoulders and hips and increases the strength of you back, ankles and legs. It is done by stepping your left foot to the back and pressing down your feet. Inhale and exhale 5 times.

Those are two of the most used poses. Here are some benefits that yoga could give you as well. It increases the flexibility of your body. It also improves the strength and tone of your muscle. But there is one benefit that can help you a lot, and that is helping you to manage the stress you have n your daily life. As you know, stress is one of the most common reasons why people usually gets sick. Stress can be felt in different ways like, neck or back pain, sleeping difficulties, drug abuse headaches and most commonly, the inability to concentrate.

Having a positive outlook on life is also one of the best things that yoga can give. You also get to develop your coping skills. Your mentality also improves through this kind of meditation and self discipline. Being more aware with the condition of our body will be noticed after a series of sessions as well.

Starting up with guidance from someone will surely not be difficult. There are a lot of poses that you can find easy to start with. With a simple mat and nice relaxing air in a silent area, you sure will be a big fan of yoga too. Do not settle for what you call a daily routine with stress and all the aches and worries. You may find someone who can be with you to avoid boredom.

There may be too much that life has been causing you. But, you always have to remember that there will always be a way to make everything easier. But you should not only focus on easy steps but search for something that will give you more than what you are looking for.